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The “Living” Constitution Is in Serious Condition

But now we have descended to the next level of government intrusion. Now we have reached, “Don’t say anything, even to your lawyer.” At any time, federal agents can raid his office, his home, his hotel room, and his safety … Continue reading

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Why Our Kids Never Went To Public School–Fifth and concluding part

The series started with Columbus…and it went through the end of “reconstruction” after the War of Northern Aggression. It stopped after that. Later, someone asked Pastor Wilkins why he had stopped after that, and I never forgot his reply. He … Continue reading

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Break Up the USA

“No people and no part of a people,” said Ludwig von Mises nearly one hundred years ago, “shall be held against its will in a political association that it does not want.” So much wisdom in that simple sentiment. And … Continue reading

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Internal Secession and the Road to Ruin: Two Countries

Where does this lead? Separation. It is our only hope. by Fred Reed via Fred on Everything   Trump did not cause the deep division in the country. It caused him. There are two very different Americas. I suspect  that … Continue reading

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