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BREAKING: Pilot Logs Show Most Flights Taken By Bill Clinton With Epstein Included Girls

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When this story first began to circulate (a decade or more ago), those that so much as mentioned it were instantly labeled as Tin Foil Hats. The moral to the story is, stick with your…

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99% Of New Zealanders Are Refusing To Surrender Their Firearms

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“These weapons are unlikely to be confiscated by police because they don’t know of their existence,” Philippa Yasbek of Gun Control NZ admitted. “These will become black-market weapons if their owners choose not to comply with…

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President Trump brags on creating new Wilderness Areas in New Mexico

Well, he is getting along with the Democrats all right, as he has done exactly what Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich wanted in designating the many new Wilderness Areas in New Mexico. This was something they attempted to do under … Continue reading

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Song for Today: Cal Smith – Country Bumpkin

The philosophy of the author (as well as the publisher) is that ranch management should be approached from the view that the land, the livestock, the people and the money are one—a single integrated whole. But once that is understood … Continue reading

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A Beginner’s Guide to Buying a US Ranch

… these “outsider” ranchers are now the majority of buyers, according to a number of rural land brokers. “Not many people who ranch for a living buy ranches any more”…’   I used to tell my ranch management students that … Continue reading

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Song for Today: George Strait – The Chair

The slickest pick-up line ever written. But the problem now is that the girls are all wise to it. lol — jtl, 419 Options for Homeland Defense, Inc. (Protecting Liberty through Private Firearms Ownership)   “Owning a handgun doesn’t make … Continue reading

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Why Walmart Will Stop Selling Guns in New Mexico

Senate Bill 8, which took effect Monday, requires checks on most private sales, even between close friends.  These clowns don’t expect any significant level of compliance, do they? I know lots of New Mexicans and most of the ones I … Continue reading

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This song reminds me: When I got home from Vietnam, I swore to myself and anybody else that would listen: “I will never be tired, cold, wet, hot, scared or mad ever again for as long as I live.” Then … Continue reading

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Are Abortion & Gay Rights American Values?

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Without an agreed-upon higher authority, values become matters of opinion. And ours are in conflict and irreconcilable… Understood. But how, then, do we remain one nation and one people? Answer: We don’t! All the more…

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Major NRA donor leading rebellion trying to oust ‘radioactive’ leader

“The donors are rebelling,” the executive said, adding that he believed that the leadership turmoil was “helping to destroy, temporarily, the strength of the NRA as one of the strongest lobbying groups”. The NRA’s biggest administrative problem over the years … Continue reading

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