Consultants often play a role like an extension agent—telling clients what to do. This approach always produces imperfect advice because the consultant is an outsider looking in. It is better to give the client the knowledge and then allow them to do the thinking for themselves. The consultant’s role is confined to bringing in outside experience to stimulate the client’s thinking.

Because the consultant is on the outside looking in means that he/she has a higher than average chance of being wrong. Consequently, we only work as consultants with people who are willing to learn how to make decisions and plan for themselves. This is the only way possible to proceed from the client’s point of view and not ours.

Our approach to grazing management has, for the past 30 plus years, been the topic of much controversy and outright head butting.

All being some sort of derivative of what was known as the “Savory Grazing Method” back in the early 1980s, the concept goes by a multitude of names: Controlled grazing, intensive grazing, ultra-high density and holistic and rotational and rational and short term and mob and controlled and the obligatory acronyms M-I-G (managed intensive grazing) and then MiG to diminish the “intensive” part and then there is UHSD (Ultra High Stocking Density) and on and on.

We call what we do “Rangeland Restoration™” because we specialize in the arid, semi-arid, and savannah (former) grasslands and shrub-lands of the world. These lands cover over 1/3 of the earth’s surface and are in an ever increasing “desertified” state.

Our consulting services are based on years of hands-on ranching experiences, university teaching and research in natural resource management and agricultural business. We have extensive ranch management experience all across the Southwestern United States and Latin America.

Services include:

  • Resource, Grazing, and Financial Management Planning
  • Customized Range and Financial Monitoring Programs
  • Profit Strategies, Breakeven Analyses and Accounting Systems Design
  • Infrastructure Planning, Fencing Layouts and Systems Design
  • Grazing Planning: The key to good grazing management is knowing how to apply herd effect in such a way that it will maximize the efficiency of water and mineral cycles and the harvest of sunlight energy. We can walk you through the complexities of this challenge and teach you how to deal with it as though it were second nature.
  • Drought Management: Drought is about the only thing that is for certain about the weather in the arid/semi-arid environments of the Southwest. Our method will help you prepare for it. You will never get caught short of forage or be forced to sell your livestock on a drought depressed market.
  • And just about any other concern one might have around a ranch.
  • Site Assessment and Short-term Consulting: A review and analysis of your current operations, with recommendations for improvements in financial, livestock, pasture health or infrastructure planning.

Our commitment can range in duration from a free one hour telephone or email consultation to a permanent commitment on a retainer.

2 Responses to Consulting

  1. Pieter de Villiers says:

    Dear Dr Jimmy, I am in a position to supervise research on a 30 000 ha game reserve in Mozambique and it might also extend to another large game reserve in South Africa. In addition we will have access on the adjacent communal area where cattle farming is practiced. Presently the project is in the planning stage. A number of different grazing regimes on different soil types (and geological formations) are used in the areas mentioned. I wonder if we could exchange ideas at the planning stage of this project. This is an opportunity to evaluate and compare different grazing regimes including the “Savory grazing”.

    Kindest regards,

    Pieter de Villiers.


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