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The Leftists’ Paranoid Fear Of Southern Heritage

Many people ignorantly think the federal government never really got into the education field until 1958, when Sputnik supposedly came along. They’ve not read their history. Of course if they attended government schools they were given precious little real history … Continue reading

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5 things to know about USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue

 “The USDA currently employs 105,778 people, making it the largest agency in the Federal Government…” People involved in agriculture are often heard disparaging “welfare recipients.” What they seem to be oblivious too is the fact that agriculture is the largest … Continue reading

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Support grows for right-to-farm

 …the amendment “will keep outside interest groups from coming to Oklahoma and telling us how to farm and ranch.” Personally, I think that “we” (farmers and ranchers) ought to come together and starve the bastards to death. Of course that … Continue reading

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USTR disputes COOL claims: $91 million vs. $3.1 billion

It is a dirty shame that we have to waste so much of our valuable time dealing with the fallout from some knuckle headed politician. — jtl, 419 By P. Scott Shearer, Bockorny Group, Washington, D.C. via National Hog Farmer … Continue reading

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3 talking points to explain agriculture’s water usage

Agriculture’s water usage is in the spotlight as the ongoing drought in California raises concerns with consumers. Here are a few talking points to help address questions about beef production and water. And the war goes on. jtl by Amanda … Continue reading

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America’s Colleges Flunk Out

by Chris Gill via Circle Ranch Blog American Council of Trustees and Alumni vice president of policy Michael Poliakoff on the state of the country’s most prestigious liberal arts colleges. NOTE: this video originally appeared on WSJ Live Online on 1/28/2014  An “F” Grade for … Continue reading

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A Round-Up Of 3 Articles Ranchers Should Read This Week

By: Amanda Radke via BEEF Daily From reaching out to consumers, to sustainability in modern farming, to surviving this cold weather, here are three items ranchers should check out this week. To read more, click here. FOLLOW LAND AND LIVESTOCK … Continue reading

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Taking Horse Vital Signs

 By Christina S. Cable, DVM, Dipl. ACVS From the great website TheHorse.com via Richard Beal’s Blog Temperature, pulse, and respiration (TPR)–are the absolute basics every horse owner or caretaker should know if they want to take the best care of their … Continue reading

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Is The Land-Grant System Meeting The Needs Of Producers?

  Additionally, funding of research from within the industry or via state sources has been declining. As a result, much of the research today is being funded by large grants that are devoted to federal government priorities. And that, friends … Continue reading

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Perhaps The Best Investment For Surviving The Coming Dollar Collapse

With emerging economies moving towards a high meat diet, increasing livestock demand, and biofuels diverting crops from food use to energy crops, it doesn’t take a degree in calculus to see why arable farmland is attractive.  Every day there are … Continue reading

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