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New York Times accuses MARC of animal abuse

The article on MARC… wasn’t presented as an editorial or identified as having a political slant; it was presented as “unbiased” reporting. Seems to be a lot of that nowadays. (And that may be the understatement of the year). – … Continue reading

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PETA video relied on fear-mongering tactics

A couple of things need to be noted. First, the PETA ilk do not give two hoots in hell about cruelty to animals. Their sole focus and mission is politics. Second, they have no respect for private property. What this … Continue reading

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Rolling Stone Magazine Describes “Horrors” Of Animal Agriculture

by Amanda Radke in BEEF Daily A new article appearing in Rolling Stone describes the mistreatment of animals on farms. Here is my response. If you want to read a horror story, check out Rolling Stone’s recent article, “In The Belly Of The Beast,” by Paul … Continue reading

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Three Beef Industry Challenges That Won’t Go Away Soon

by Dave Sjeklocha in Vet’s Opinion via Beef Magazine  We’ll not only have to deal with these animal welfare, nutrition and health issues on the farm, but at the regulatory and legislative levels as well. From an animal health and welfare perspective, … Continue reading

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Moving cattle on autopilot

by Bob Kinford When cattle get used to being moved and going to fresh feed, they see an open gate and automatically go through. This was the first time I had taken this route. Once again, look at the speed … Continue reading

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