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HSUS targets beef checkoff; NCBA vows to take stand

NCBA stands up to HSUS after the animal rights organization makes a move to weaken beef checkoff program…You have to wonder why HSUS would care about something like the beef checkoff. Just another part of the Marxist Culture War to … Continue reading

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The Saretsky family blazes new marketing trails

One Earth has become the largest vertically integrated, natural beef program in Canada involving 9,000 cows on former Diamond Willow and HAB partnering ranches in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario and upwards of 20,000 calves raised under certified natural protocols each … Continue reading

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4 tips for dry-lotting beef cattle

Concerned about having enough forages to get through the 2015 summer grazing season? Many producers are considering semi-confinement, or “intensification,” for their herds. Here are four tips for successfully dry-lotting beef cattle. Is it a mystery to anyone why so … Continue reading

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3 must-read beef headlines to kick off your Monday morning

This week’s roundup of positive beef headlines includes five myths debunked, a former vegetarian praising the sustainability of beef cattle production, and how cattle might be the cure for Ebola. Check out these must-read beef headlines this morning. Maybe we … Continue reading

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Straight talk on cattle steroids

By Debbie Furber via Canadian Cattlemen Two slices of white bread has 45,000 nanograms of estrogen; a serving of implanted beef has two. Photo: Dr. Reynold Bergen Canada’s Beef Cattle Research Council (BCRC) has collected some interesting stats on the estrogen … Continue reading

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Lowline cattle on a mission

Go ahead. Ask Lowline breeders what their small-size cattle are good for. After over 70 years on this piece of rock called “the earth,” I’ve seen the “favored” type of cattle come full circle–with controversy at every turn. This makes a … Continue reading

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The Beef Market Continues To Rewrite The Record Book

I have nothing to go on except this queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach–feels exactly like it did the last time I saw cattle crash from over a dollar to near a quarter almost overnight. — jtl  by Troy … Continue reading

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US & Brazilian Beef: Jesse Womack Interview with BeefPoint

via Ranch Network. Greetings from Ranch Network!  We hope that you and yours enjoyed a happy Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends.  We also wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you!  Your participation in Ranch Network makes the … Continue reading

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Farm Feasibility Analysis, Part I

More often than not, the hardest part of this is Step 1–convincing the land owner to allow you to tromp around on his land to gather your data before you have any skin in the game (put down any money). … Continue reading

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