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Governor Gets Final Say in Year Round Bison in Montana

 via NorthernAg.net   If the Montana Department of Livestock and the Fish Wildlife and Parks can’t come to agreement on an issue of bison management, the governor gets to decide is the advice that the Montana Attorney General’s office is … Continue reading

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Can studying morality help Yellowstone’s wolves and bison?

Sociologist Justin Farrell plumbs the spiritual depths of environmental struggle. I offer this, if not as conclusive proof, certainly as hard evidence, that radical environmentalism (coupled with atheism) is the New State Religion. — jtl, 419 Ben Goldfarb Interview Oct. … Continue reading

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Bison killing to go on despite lack of proof

There has never been a documented case of Yellowstone bison transmitting the bovine disease brucellosis to domestic cattle… “Asking the right questions means making sure the right people with the right expertise and appropriate background are on the review panel.” It … Continue reading

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Montana decides to keep Yellowstone bison in state

by MATT VOLZ via the Independent Record HELENA, Mont. (AP) — Montana wildlife officials decided Thursday against shipping 145 bison captured from Yellowstone National Park to the Bronx zoo and other locations across the nation, choosing to send them to … Continue reading

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Endangered Species, Private Property, and the American Bison

Whereas private owners use basic accounting to determine if they are making profits or suffering losses, government activities are not subject to such constraints because the state is able to externalize its costs onto others through taxation. Private firms who … Continue reading

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New Bison War: Should Buffalo Be Reintroduced to the West?

This is a bit long but very informative. Bison are already being conserved and managed here in Texas where it has worked quite well. But it is not apt to work nearly as well in Montana. The reason is simple. … Continue reading

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If Bison Chased Horses & Cattle Chased Rabbits

By Bob Kinford on Thursday, January 10, 2013 at The Bovine Blog  Why are equines the only grazing animal which seemingly enjoys chasing and dominating other grazing animals? This is a question which has baffled me for years (actually decades) … Continue reading

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