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The Ranch Profitability Secret More Powerful Than Genetics

Well-managed grazing is actually a much more powerful tool for ranch profitability than cattle genetics.   I once asked Stan Parsons a “what if” question. What if I didn’t have enough capital to build fences but I did have enough … Continue reading

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Can ranching be sustainable without profits? Burke Teichert says no

 In some people’s minds, profit is a dirty word. And sustainability is nirvana. But ranches can’t be sustainable without being profitable. Well duh! But it is true that “profit” is a dirty word amongst our our enemies in the culture … Continue reading

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9 ranch management concepts to improve your ranch

I find very little to bicker over here. To add a little extra to “overheads,” why is it that ranchers will pay $60,000 for a pickup they don’t need but consider $35.00 for a book to be “too damned much … Continue reading

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8 tips for being a better ranch manager in 2015

New Year’s resolution time. Maybe some of this will help. — jtl, 419 by Burke Teichert in Strategic Planning For The Ranch Since August 2011, I’ve written 41 articles for BEEF magazine. In spite of each article being different, there … Continue reading

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Are You A Cowboy, A Stockman Or A Grass Farmer?

by Burke Teichert in Strategic Planning For The Ranch I simply aspire to be a good, complete rancher. And if I don’t have some of the necessary skills, I will work to find someone for my team who can compensate for that. I’ve … Continue reading

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