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Rescuers Cope With Influx of Horses Displaced by Wildfires

This is what is known as a “double dose of government horse shit.” — jtl   By Pat Raia via The Horse As of Sept. 16, the Butte Fire had claimed 71,780 acres while the Valley Fire had destroyed 70,000 … Continue reading

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Jerry Brown conflates California fires with “climate change”

Question for Governor Brown: Had Henry Ford never mass-produced the automobile or Edison invented the light bulb, had we never had the industrial revolution and lived in squalor, would California have had one more of drop of rain?…Exploiting genuine hardship … Continue reading

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As drought pervades, can markets make us water-wiser?

 Such rights could be traded without regard to the rural communities that rely on them, says Patricia Mulroy, the former water czar for Las Vegas and currently a fellow at Brookings. What’s more, markets change the conversation, from one about … Continue reading

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Drought and the Failure of Big Government in California

 In California, those who control the political system have ensured that water will not go to those who value it most highly. Instead, water will be allocated in purely arbitrary fashion based on who has the most lobbyists and the … Continue reading

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How Many People Will Have To Migrate Out Of California When All The Water Disappears?

And where will they go? God what an awful thought. All those fruits and nuts roaming freely among us. Actually, in all fairness, not all Californians are either fruits or nuts. Let the left coast slip off into the Pacific … Continue reading

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Bringing In The Horses – Hunewill Ranch

Lots of horses. You guys that are doing planned grazing and looking for things like hoof action and herd effect should know that horses are actually better at that than are cattle. That is because of the way they scuff … Continue reading

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Government-Created Drought in California: A Long, Dry Summer : The Tea Party Economist

Well duh…when, do you recon, will people finally realize that this is the kind of result you ALWAYS get when government manages ANYTHING! — jtl, 419 Prices for agricultural produce in U.S. supermarkets will be up this summer. Why? Drought, plus government … Continue reading

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The Water ‘Shortage’

 “…on the free market, regardless of the stringency of supply, there is never any “shortage”, that is, there is never a condition where a purchaser cannot find supplies available at the market price. On the free market, there is always enough supply … Continue reading

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Repeal the Endangered Species Act

by Jonathan DuHamel via Tucson Citizen The Endangered Species Act (ESA) should be repealed because it provides no positive incentive for conservation, it tramples on property rights, it destroys industries, it is very expensive, and it is ineffective. The ESA … Continue reading

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By Doreen Hannes January 26, 2013 NewsWithViews.com On August 26th, 2010 the destruction of Morningland Dairy began. Having lost a two and half year battle with cancer of the State, the interment will take place on January 25th, 2013.   … Continue reading

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