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Out Here in The Middle

by Chris Gill at The Circle Ranch Out Here in The Middle is a short video about summer at the Circle Ranch, in the high-desert mountains of far-West Texas. It is just a presentation of some of the most scenic beauty … Continue reading

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My Response to The Cowspiracy: 8 Ways Cattle Grazing Supports Wildlife

And the war rages on. — jtl By Amanda Radke in BEEF Daily The folks behind the documentary “Cowspiracy” asked BEEF Daily Editor about her statement that cattle grazing supports wildlife. She responds with 8 resources to demonstrate the relationship between cattle and wildlife, … Continue reading

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American Cattlemen Magazine

TMR   Corner – Vertical TMR Mixer Lowers Beef Cow Feed Cost In the previous issue we shared   our vision of the goals and objectives for this column. In this issue we will   explore the benefits of vertical … Continue reading

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A Round-Up Of 3 Articles Ranchers Should Read This Week

By: Amanda Radke via BEEF Daily From reaching out to consumers, to sustainability in modern farming, to surviving this cold weather, here are three items ranchers should check out this week. To read more, click here. FOLLOW LAND AND LIVESTOCK … Continue reading

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