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My Family Fled Communism When I Was 6. Now We Fear Our Nightmare Has Followed Us Here

How can Americans possibly continue to tollerate a government that robs them of their income and wealth, fines and imprisons them for committing victimless crimes, spies on them, regulates every area of their lives, violates their natural rights and civil … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Was a Triumph of Capitalism over Collectivism

The real meaning of Thanksgiving, in other words, is the triumph of capitalism over the failure of collectivism in all its forms.   And this, friends and neighbors out there in radio land, is why the Marxists, socialists, democratic socialists, … Continue reading

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Federal Agencies Work To Fulfill Karl Marx’s Vision

Range Magazine for the Fall of 2014 carried an article by Julian Stone which noted: “The feds will not be satisfied until they have control of all private property–and not only in the America West.” My generation became of age during … Continue reading

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