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24 Constitutional Questions Every American Should be Able to Answer

Go through this and see how many examples you can find of blatant disregard for what is supposed to be the supreme law of the land: For example with respect to: education;  legislation from the bench (supreme court); executive orders; … Continue reading

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Who Cares What the Government Thinks?

Madison insisted upon referring to speech as the freedom of speech, not for linguistic or stylistic reasons, but to reflect its pre-political existence. Stated differently, according to Madison — who drafted the Constitution as well as the Bill of Rights … Continue reading

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FBI Director Candidate Wray’s Adopting Language of Left on Guns Merits Further Scrutiny

Trump will never get the swamp drained simply because the Cultural Marxists are so embedded as to make it impossible for guys like this to ever give a straight answer to a straight question. We only have one option left. … Continue reading

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