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Coyotes Conquered North America. Now They’re Heading South.

Science|Coyotes Conquered North America. Now They’re Heading South. New maps seek to update the historical range of ou continent’s toughest canids, which have thrived as other predators experienced decline…“Is this something we should view as a natural expansion, that’s a … Continue reading

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Coyote population proliferates even as animal advocates howl over hunt

While ranchers and farmers throughout the state have been at war with coyotes since the first settlers…   Indeed. We declared war on coyotes along about the beginning of time. Even in the face of that they have continued to proliferate … Continue reading

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Coyotes kill Michigan sheriff’s horse

If a pack of coyotes can kill a horse, just imagine what a pack of wolves might to to your wife and kids. — jtl K.O. Carmen, a 27-year old mare that was formerly an event horse, was in a … Continue reading

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