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Agriculture Is Only a Tiny Part of America’s Economy — And That’s a Good Thing

Logic would suggest that the USDA and its subordinate agencies are laying off employees and reducing their size and scope in response to the decline of America’s beloved industry.    There are more people working for the USDA than there … Continue reading

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5 things to know about USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue

 “The USDA currently employs 105,778 people, making it the largest agency in the Federal Government…” People involved in agriculture are often heard disparaging “welfare recipients.” What they seem to be oblivious too is the fact that agriculture is the largest … Continue reading

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COOL as is can’t be patched to satisfy WTO, Vilsack says

Do not be fooled by purposefully misleading names. There is no such thing on earth as “free trade.” All trade of any consequence (as governed by the likes of NAFTA, GAT, etc.) is “managed trade.” — jtl, 419 Trade body’s … Continue reading

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Ranchers fight back over grazing eviction

Sometimes it seems as though things are getting worse by the minute. We absolutely MUST get this kind of nonsense stopped. — jtl, 419 by Mike Bush / Mountain View Telegraph Three months ago, the U.S. Forest Service abruptly ordered … Continue reading

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