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35 Mind Blowing Facts About America That Previous Generations Of Americans Never Would Have Believed

America desperately needs change, but unfortunately we have very few change agents.  So we continue to steamroll toward our date with destiny, and time is not on our side. And the fall of Rome was graceful by comparison. — jtl, … Continue reading

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Life was good when our only worry was herd expansion

…no one believes the political needed to deal with this very real and increasing problem even exists in Washington, D.C. The current situation is clearly unsustainable, but because a U.S. economic collapse will take down the global economy, it will … Continue reading

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Not Just Oil: Guess What Happened The Last Time Commodity Prices Crashed Like This?…

This is the post that I mentioned earlier. — jtl by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse It isn’t just the price of oil that is collapsing.  The last time commodity prices were this low was during the immediate aftermath … Continue reading

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