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Give Susette Kelo Her Land Back

Here’s the rub. Thirteen years after the Kelo decision, after all the condemning and evicting and bulldozing, nothing has been built on the land that was taken. Basically, an entire neighborhood was erased in vain. Meantime, all those vacant lots … Continue reading

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We’re All Trespassers Now in the Face of the Government’s Land Grabs

Unfortunately, American taxpayers have become trespassers on their own property thanks to the government’s ongoing land grabs and utter disregard for property rights…Yet any government that ceases to serve this function risks being declared illegitimate. It happened once before. It … Continue reading

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Property owners to Dominion: Pipeline YES, eminent domain NO

Mr Fascism himself, Benito Mussolini once said: “Modern fascism should be properly called corporatism, since it is the merger of state, military and corporate power.” How many Americans died (or were maimed for life) in the fight against Fascism aka … Continue reading

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The Con-stitution and the power to confiscate

Nevertheless, it is hardly incorrect to say that before 1791, the time of ratification by the states, Americans owned property they had homesteaded. After ratification, not so much. Isn’t it amazing how “naturalized” Americans (Ilana Mercer is an immigrant from … Continue reading

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AZ rancher only paid $600 after feds seize prime land

What the Good Lord giveth, the Federal Mafia taketh away (with impunity). It is high time we get the thieves and murders under control.  — jtl-419 By Allyson Blair – via  CBS 5  NOGALES, AZ (CBS5) – See the video … Continue reading

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