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The Real Relationship Between Capitalism and the Environment

When we combine environmental quality data with economic freedom data, we see that the story is very different from what we are usually told. The countries with the most freedom are those with the highest environmental quality. We need more … Continue reading

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Inequality: The Rhetoric and Reality

There’s only one source of prosperity, and it’s not redistribution…Equal freedom under a just rule of law and limited government doesn’t mean that everyone will be equal in their endowments, motivations, or aptitudes. Disallowing those differences, however, destroys the driving … Continue reading

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Common Sense and Common Law for the Environment: Creating Wealth in Hummingbird Economies: Book Review

Common Sense and Common Law for the Environment by Bruce Yandle By Peter J. Hill via Land & Livestock International’s Institute for the Application of the Austrian Theory of Economics to Natural Resource and Environmental Management Surely one of the … Continue reading

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