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Ten Signs You Grew Up On A Farm

Once upon a time when I was struggling to feed my family and finish a graduate degree at Texas Tech, I hired out as a framing carpenter.   The first day on the job I bent a nail. I carefully … Continue reading

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Rolling Stone Magazine Describes “Horrors” Of Animal Agriculture

by Amanda Radke in BEEF Daily A new article appearing in Rolling Stone describes the mistreatment of animals on farms. Here is my response. If you want to read a horror story, check out Rolling Stone’s recent article, “In The Belly Of The Beast,” by Paul … Continue reading

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Creating Your Grazing Chart – Mapping Your Pastures

By Troy Bishopp via On Pasture Financial advisor and television host, Suze Orman said it’s impossible to map out a route to your destination if you don’t know where you’re starting from.  Kinda makes sense for implementing a grazing management plan … Continue reading

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Beef Cow Production Will Continue To Shift Out Of The Corn Belt

 The bottom line is that economics have begun to shift beef cow production from areas of high cattle feed costs to regions of lower feed costs (grazing). This suggests to me that beef cow production will continue to shift out … Continue reading

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Pace of Farmland Price Appreciation Eases Across Mid-South and Southeast; Outlook Grows Cautious

by Michael Fritz via Farmland Investor Center The pace of farmland price appreciation across the Mid-South and Southeast U.S. moderated in the first quarter, according to the latest Farmland Market Survey released by Farmland Investor Letter. Non-irrigated cropland values rose at … Continue reading

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Changing the World…One Neighbor at a Time

by Leanna Hale via the Polyface Hen House With the weather slowly warming up, we were able to put cows back out to pasture on Monday.  This is one of the times that Polyface really shines, because our pastures start growing … Continue reading

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Looking Below the Surface of Farmland Values

How well this extrapolates to ranch/grazing lands, I can’t honestly say for sure. But, I strongly suspect that it does. — jtl by Ben Alder via landthink Last month I closed my column suggesting that the limited supply of farmland and … Continue reading

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