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War, Economic Ruin, and Liberty Destruction Will Never End Until the Federal Reserve is Abolished

Do any of the common people ever question the driving force of corruption, financial destruction, and war that is the basis of most all United States domestic and foreign policy? … The general population has never understood the real importance … Continue reading

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How the Fed’s Interest Rate Decision Affects Farmers

If you think you only needed to pay attention if the Federal Reserve raised rates Thursday, you’re wrong. While rates may have stayed the same for now, the financial and economic environment for farmers is changing fast. What a mess we … Continue reading

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What Greece’s Money Problems Mean For Farmers

So what would you do if the Good Fairy made you King of the Federal Reserve? I know, I know, all you Anarcho-Capitalists would say that you would dismantle the whole rotten mess and scrub the world’s collective of memory … Continue reading

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