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EDITORIAL: “Too much dead and dying material” in California’s forest

The Wall Street Journal reported over the weekend that many environmentalists now agree mismanagement has played a major role in the carnage and devastation wrought by the Golden State wildfires. To wit: Longstanding limitations on logging, along with federal fire … Continue reading

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Utah Congressman introduces bill to strip police powers from BLM, Forest Service

The undeniable perception was that Bureau of Land Management (BLM) agents using dogs, Tasers, armored vehicles, full body armor and automatic weapons to confront a rancher who was delinquent with his grazing fees, constituted a terrifying overreaction. The only “justification” anywhere in the constitution for … Continue reading

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New research finds that global warming is intensifying wildfires

The federal agency, which manages 193m acres (78m hectares) of forest, will plead once again for more funding from Congress, in the wake of a devastating 2015 that saw record swaths of forest engulfed in flames. I’ve got a better … Continue reading

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Feds Try to Harass me for Camping!

Arrogance, pure arrogance! But before Gavin gets through with him, he is wishing he could turn time back 10 minutes. lol — jtl, 419 Gavin Seim        Environmental & Natural Resource Economics: The Austrian View edited by Dr Jimmy … Continue reading

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Federal Negligence Leads to Catastrophic Wildfires Across the West

 Because of frivolous litigation and attempts to keep peace with extremists, our government agencies have hampered the most natural and cost-effective wildfire prevention techniques, and subsequently put the lives of ranching families like mine and others in rural communities at … Continue reading

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Feds Under Fire in Arizona for Plan to Round Up Wild Horses

Conservationists in Arizona are ramping up efforts to stop the federal government from rounding up herds of wild horses in a local forest — a move opponents say puts the animals’ lives in jeopardy….Forest Service says the animals are a … Continue reading

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Federal policies are stifling the economic opportunity of western communities and requiring citizens in the East to pay for it. Just wait until those “morally superior Yankees” hear that. The BLM and the Forest Service will be shut down over … Continue reading

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Litigation and Increased Planning’s Impact on Our Nation’s Overgrown, Fire-Prone National Forests

 Between 1989 and 2008, 1,125 lawsuits were filed against the Forest Service.  Many more have been filed since then … There is no doubt that litigation has had a profound impact on the Forest Service and subsequently the management and … Continue reading

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FOREST SERVICE: GOP Cheers as Chief Formally Withdraws Groundwater Rule

Phil Taylor, E&E reporter Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell today formally withdrew a proposal to more carefully gauge how the agency’s land management decisions affect groundwater. The agency’s groundwater directive, unveiled in May 2014, had sparked a torrent of criticism … Continue reading

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UC Merced Expert: Forest Thinning Could Free Up Water, Reduce Fire Risk

…years of fire suppression have left much of the Sierra overgrown with small trees that consume a lot of water. Not only that. The years of understory fuel build up cause wildfires to burn very hot and the fire to … Continue reading

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