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New Mexico official: Texans are ‘stealing’ water and selling it back for fracking

The difference in ownership of land in the two states contributes to the divergent water policies. In Texas, more than 90 percent of the land is privately owned. In New Mexico, by contrast, only 43 percent is owned by individuals, … Continue reading

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Science Unsettled: Why Trump Should Dump The Paris Climate Deal

We keep hearing the “science is settled,” yet once again data emerge showing that there has been no appreciable warming now for 19 years. Memo to global warming advocates: People are starting to notice. Whoever it was that coined the … Continue reading

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Get Off My Fracking Land ! – OK, One more time.

Despite courts telling her that she couldn’t come onto private property to host her fracking protest, Oscar-winning actress Emma Thompson obviously thought she was above the law given her celebrity status. Defiantly entering a local farm along with her sister … Continue reading

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Federal Court Strikes Down BLM Fracturing Rule

 What refreshing language to come from the pen of a federal judge. More than refreshing. It’s down right shocking. Common sense does prevail on very rare occasions. — jtl, 419 From the Washington Times via THE WESTERNER    In the … Continue reading

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Hollywood “Environmentalist” Zealots Exposed in Sting

In the latest sting, the group recorded heavyweight Hollywood actors and producers agreeing to dupe and defraud the American people by demonizing fracking and covering up the funding source. This is one of the main reasons I pay little to … Continue reading

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