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Don’t let fake narrative block Monuments review

A skewed conception of monuments has developed. The Antiquities Act was intended to protect things like archaeological sites and geological formations. It was never intended to encompass vast swathes of land.   Yep, just another FedGov land grab driven by … Continue reading

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Updated: BLM Tells Texas Ranchers The Feds Owns Their Land Despite – Deeds – Paying Property Taxes

 Aderholt pointed out that he has a deed in hand that shows he is the owner of the property the federal government is claiming they actually own, but the representative says that the State of Texas should never have produced … Continue reading

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Shoshone Farmer, Raymond Yowell, Set to Take on the Bureau of Land Management

Note that all these “treaties” (to later be broken) and other funny business, broken laws and government land grabs in conjunction with territories becoming states, etc. etc. came on the heels of the War of Yankee Aggression–all a direct result of … Continue reading

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