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Is The America We Have Known Now Doomed?

“Either we root out every last source of rot by investigating, indicting and jailing every wrong-doer and everyone who conspired to protect the guilty in the Epstein case,  or America will have sealed its final fall.” … Does anyone really … Continue reading

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U.S. cattle official says Trump has been good for agriculture

When it comes to agriculture, President Donald Trump is doing a crackerjack job, says a senior official with the top U.S. cattle association.  I just saw yesterday that one of the big-time evangelical preachers has predicted that, if they do … Continue reading

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Why ”Sustainable” Earth, But Not Sustainable Human Health and Freedom?

Why is the control system so eager to push for “sustainable” earth but nothing else apparently needs to be sustainable? Easy question. They don’t care. They worship the earth. To them, people are the scourge of the earth and something … Continue reading

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The Folly of 1845: Texas and the Evils of Annexation

If you have hung out with us here at this blog for any length of time at all, then you probably already know more about history than 99.9% of the zombies out there. Here is one that they probably never … Continue reading

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GRASS MARCH COWBOY EXPRESS Kicks Off from the West Coast

Bet this would be a fun trail ride to participate in–and for a worthy cause too. — jtl via The Pahvant Post As originally reported in an article in the Deseret News, the Grass March Cowboy Express protesting BLM actions … Continue reading

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Is The Land-Grant System Meeting The Needs Of Producers?

  Additionally, funding of research from within the industry or via state sources has been declining. As a result, much of the research today is being funded by large grants that are devoted to federal government priorities. And that, friends … Continue reading

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