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Killing wolves could hurt, not help, livestock, study finds

If you believe this study, even for a minute, you need to read Michael Coffman’s article, Secret Science, in the Winter 2014 edition of Range Magazine. Coffman reveals the gory details of corruption, manufactured data, junk (un-replaceable) science, embezzlement, and … Continue reading

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Mexican Wolf

Arizona Cattle Growers’ Association November 26, 2013 Mexican Wolf  Proposed Rule Removing the Gray Wolf (Canis lupis) from the List of Endangered Species and Maintaining Protections for the Mexican Wolf (Canis lupis baileyi) by Listing It as Endangered   Docket … Continue reading

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The Center for Biological Diversity is at it Again.

Here we go again. I thought some of you might want to add your two cents. Log on and give ’em “what for.” — jtl, 419 For Immediate Release, October 2, 2013 Contact: Michael Robinson, (575) 313-7017 Wolf Supporters  to Hold … Continue reading

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Comment Period Extended for Gray Wolf

Arizona Cattle Growers’ Association ACGA formed a coalition of associations and industry partners and sent the following letters (Stakeholder Concerns & Stakeholder Extension) to the USFWS – below is the response. We will keep you updated as this issue progresses. … Continue reading

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Mexican gray wolf shot, killed in NM

This is a prime example of how ESA has caused more species to become extinct than it has saved. It is also a prime example of what happens when violence (or force which is the threat of violence) is used … Continue reading

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