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Weed Management Plans for Horse Pastures

  Another chronic case of self-flagellation. You “control” weeds with horses just like you do with cattle or sheep and goats–high stock density/herd effect. During periods of active growth reduce the time to a level that will not permit a … Continue reading

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Cattle Numbers Must Increase To Maintain Infrastructure

“Market signals for expansion are strong and growing, and the industry is poised to respond. We know what we want to do; we just don’t know what Mother Nature is going to let us do.” Those of you who planned for … Continue reading

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Creating Your Grazing Chart – Mapping Your Pastures

By Troy Bishopp via On Pasture Financial advisor and television host, Suze Orman said it’s impossible to map out a route to your destination if you don’t know where you’re starting from.  Kinda makes sense for implementing a grazing management plan … Continue reading

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Setting Goals for Your Blank Grazing Chart

By Troy Bishopp  via On Pasture We know that the very idea of setting goals is horrifying to most of us. But this isn’t about those kinds of goals. This is about setting your grazing season’s goals to fit your business … Continue reading

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