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Calf-Feeder Prices Maintain Counter-Seasonal Strength

by Wes Ishmael at Beef Magazine Steer and heifer calves sold mostly steady this week with instances of as much as $5/cwt. higher. The advance was mostly in the Southeast and the Southern Plains winter wheat region, according to the Agricultural … Continue reading

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New Bison War: Should Buffalo Be Reintroduced to the West?

This is a bit long but very informative. Bison are already being conserved and managed here in Texas where it has worked quite well. But it is not apt to work nearly as well in Montana. The reason is simple. … Continue reading

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Ecologists Turn To Planned Grazing To Revive Grassland Soil

If you are one of those who foot the bill — a private rancher operating on your own land with your own money–you need to adopt planned grazing. And, you also need to be very, very leery of The Nature Conservancy. … Continue reading

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N.M. rancher: ‘It’s crazy dry’

And the really sad thing is that much if this suffering is unnecessary because it could have been (and can be) prevented. Check us out at http://landandlivestockinternational.com and give us a call. It is what we do for a living.   … Continue reading

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Plains Drought Expected To Persist This Summer

via Beef Producer Magazine According to seasonal drought outlooks, Plains unlikely to be spared from persistent drought Though drought conditions have been easing along the Mississippi and even more than disappeared through parts of the Corn Belt, the Plains continues … Continue reading

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The Case Against Genetics

by Dave Pratt at Ranching for Profit Blog Moments ago I read the following in a popular industry magazine: “…given the multiple challenges you face that are beyond your control—drought, rising feed and fuel costs, escalating land values—genetic selection may … Continue reading

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Looking Below the Surface of Farmland Values

How well this extrapolates to ranch/grazing lands, I can’t honestly say for sure. But, I strongly suspect that it does. — jtl by Ben Alder via landthink Last month I closed my column suggesting that the limited supply of farmland and … Continue reading

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