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Horse Training for Flexibility, Part 2

Keeping your horse on a correct arc can work wonders for his flexibility. The key to a perfect circle is maintaining your horse’s bend. Jean Abernethy illustration By AQHA Professional Horseman Al Dunning in The American Quarter Horse Journal In Part 1 … Continue reading

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Court Lifts Temporary Ban On Horse Slaughter

by Amanda Radke in BEEF Daily An appeals court has vacated the ban on U.S. horse slaughter. A horse is an American icon. From the pioneers who utilized horses to explore the U.S. frontier, to the equines that have been … Continue reading

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A bad death indulges irrational emotions

Feral horses forage for food on dwindling ground cover near Placitas as debate continues on a proposed slaughterhouse. (Dean Hanson/Albuquerque Journal) By Myles C. Culbertson  / Former Executive Director, N.M. Livestock Board   via the Albuquerque Journal The horse slaughter issue … Continue reading

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Flerding Experiment

by Bob Kinford via Cow Herd Management Blog The Circle Ranch has asked me to develop a multi species herd (called a flerd) out of some of the animals on the ranch.The plan is to create a flerd by combining … Continue reading

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Meat-packing is more humane for unwanted horses

by MICHAEL SWICKARD via Rio Rancho Observer Michael Swickard Especially out West, horses have a special place in our lives. Personally, any day I get horse snot on me is a good day. Along with my love of horses comes … Continue reading

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Horses We’ve Loved

by John L. Moore. This piece first appeared in Range Magazine               When the dust begins settling we remember the horses. We recall the mounts, good and bad, the days spent horseback, the scenes viewed through cowponies’ ears, and the friends … Continue reading

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Observe, Ask and Analyze

by Bob Kinsford via The Bovine Blog Much of what we assume we know is a result of how much we think (or don’t think) about what we experience. All of what we do with livestock is based on what … Continue reading

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