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Wyoming officials kill 2 grizzly bears who mauled hunter to death

By Ray Downs Sept. 17 (UPI) — Two grizzly bears in Wyoming were euthanized after they allegedly mauled a hunting guide to death, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department announced on Sunday. The WGFD said the grizzlies — a mother … Continue reading

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Desert Bighorn Ram Killed at Circle Ranch, July 28, 2017

Listen up, all you money-bags out there, the last time I talked to Chris, the Circle was for sale. I am familiar with the ranch and can get you set up and  running at a very reasonable fee. — jtl, … Continue reading

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Rule easing public lands transfer concerns hunters, others

“You get rid of public lands, you end hunting and fishing in this country as we know it today,” Fosburgh said. That is the biggest crock of crap that I’ve heard in a while–and Texas is living proof. Unfortunately, just … Continue reading

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Delta bans shipment of lion trophies, bolsters push for national airline ban

Notice the frenzy over Cecil by contrast with the virtual silence over Planned Parenthood’s cold blooded murder and trafficking of the body parts of hundreds of thousands of the most vulnerable among us. I see that as a very good … Continue reading

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Wildlife Operations and the Agriculture Tax Exemption

Attention land owners: Cattle, when managed our way, can actually improve your wildlife habitat. We can show you how. Go to http://www.landandlivestockinternational.com check us out and give us a call. Insight and Opinion by Jesse Womack via RanchNetwork.com Currently in … Continue reading

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Managing the Ranch as a Business: The Role of Predator and Prey

By Dr. Jimmy T (Gunny) LaBaume, President & CEO, Land & Livestock International, Inc.  Continuing our examination of Alan Savory’s Four Key Insights.   Key Insight 3: The Role of Predator and Prey  The types of animals associated with the two … Continue reading

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