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Adaptive Management, Multispecies Grazing Improves Soil Health

Even the academics and government guys (but I repeat myself), saw advantages to “multiple classes of livestock” as far back as I can remember. But, of course, they didn’t relate it to soil health but apparently at least a few … Continue reading

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Dakota Rancher Makes Money Replacing Hay With Grazing

“The ingredients for success are quite simple,” he says. “Small-frame animals with the right genetics, May to June calving in our area, and carefully managing forage so that enough of the right kind is stockpiled for the winter season.” Finally … Continue reading

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Ranchers turn to green-grass calving for love of profit, leisure

by jessebussard via Pearl Snaps Stories of a cowgirl living life by her own lights. Leave a comment My latest feature article was featured on the cover of the October issue! Why are some ranchers making the switch away from calving in … Continue reading

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