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In Nevada, a rancher wages a lonesome fight over land

It is worth the fight. Wayne Hage fought the FedGov over his grazing rights for nearly 20 years. (See his story in his book: Storm over Rangelands: Private Rights in Federal Lands.) Finally, after he was dead, the Hage family … Continue reading

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The Colorado River, The High Plains Aquifer And The Entire Western Half Of The U.S. Are Rapidly Drying Up

via The Economic Collapse What is life going to look like as our precious water resources become increasingly strained and the western half of the United States becomes bone dry?  Scientists tell us that the 20th century was the wettest … Continue reading

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30 Facts About The Coming Water Crisis That Will Change The Lives Of Every Person On The Planet

via The Economic Collapse The world is rapidly running out of clean water. Some of the largest lakes and rivers on the globe are being depleted at a very frightening pace, and many of the most important underground aquifers that … Continue reading

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