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Apache County Residents Warned Of Aggressive Wolves

“Once again, this is an example of a mismanaged federal program, with our only support coming from AZ entities. After speaking with many stakeholders, and constituents it’s apparent our only relief will come from our recent work with attorneys and … Continue reading

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Rare wolves to get more area to roam in Southwest

The Fish and Wildlife Service ruled that 300 to 325 Mexican wolves would be needed in the U.S. Southwest for the animals to be considered recovered and stripped of protections under the federal Endangered Species Act. They originally led us … Continue reading

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Arizona Game & Fish Challenge USFWS

It has been accurately said that, “politics makes for strange bed fellows.” Trying to find a good side here, I see two things that are at least in a positive direction: 1) if we can’t be totally free, it would … Continue reading

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