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How ranchers say Trump’s wall would change the border

Here is a pretty good, albeit brief, history of ranching on the border. As always, the problem is government created. Back in the 70s we had a great working relationship with the Border Patrol. We would run into them in … Continue reading

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Heads Up-FYI

I have not been shot in a crap game or by a jealous husband. Neither have I been confined to a FEMA camp nor taken to Gitmo. This coming week, some friends and I will be visiting mutual friends on … Continue reading

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Home on the desert suits these cattle fine

Drought has hurt traditional New Mexico cattle ranches, which typically raise British breeds like Angus and Hereford. I love these little critters. Sometimes I think they may be part goat. Placed on the roughest of rough desert country, a criollo … Continue reading

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Industry At A Glance: How important is U.S. beef trade with Canada and Mexico?

Both Canada and Mexico have long been solid beef trading partners with the United States.   Frédéric Bastiat is given credit for having said, “When Goods Don’t Cross Borders, Armies Will.” And he was right. If there is any one … Continue reading

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Police State or Banana Republic? How about both?

by Dr Jimmy T (Gunny) LaBaume I just returned from a business trip to Mexico which was also very pleasurable. When entering the country, the Mexican “authorities” were courteous and helpful (as much as possible for government bureaucrats). We had … Continue reading

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Mexican Wolf

Arizona Cattle Growers’ Association November 26, 2013 Mexican Wolf  Proposed Rule Removing the Gray Wolf (Canis lupis) from the List of Endangered Species and Maintaining Protections for the Mexican Wolf (Canis lupis baileyi) by Listing It as Endangered   Docket … Continue reading

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A bad death indulges irrational emotions

Feral horses forage for food on dwindling ground cover near Placitas as debate continues on a proposed slaughterhouse. (Dean Hanson/Albuquerque Journal) By Myles C. Culbertson  / Former Executive Director, N.M. Livestock Board   via the Albuquerque Journal The horse slaughter issue … Continue reading

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AZ rancher only paid $600 after feds seize prime land

What the Good Lord giveth, the Federal Mafia taketh away (with impunity). It is high time we get the thieves and murders under control.  — jtl-419 By Allyson Blair – via  CBS 5  NOGALES, AZ (CBS5) – See the video … Continue reading

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Border security: US rancher’s warning on immigration reform

I have an idea. Let’s do with the War on Drugs what we should have done with the Vietnam War–declare victory and call it off. Then repeal the welfare state in its entirety and open the border to anyone from … Continue reading

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Meat-packing is more humane for unwanted horses

by MICHAEL SWICKARD via Rio Rancho Observer Michael Swickard Especially out West, horses have a special place in our lives. Personally, any day I get horse snot on me is a good day. Along with my love of horses comes … Continue reading

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