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This Week at the Circle

Grain Traders Rejecting New Monsanto Soybeans Monsanto is in trouble because it released seeds without EU approval. Why would it: New poisons and associated seeds are routinely approved without testing. What should upset everyone is this: “The latest Monsanto seeds … Continue reading

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Monsanto rips cancer agency’s Roundup takedown

In a separate statement Friday, Monsanto’s vice-president for global regulatory affairs, Philip Miller, called out the IARC report for excluding “the most relevant, scientific data” from the studies the group mined for its conclusions. “No new research or data… was … Continue reading

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Scientific basis for GMO crops is false

Biotech companies like Monsanto are, to be sure, aware of this gaping hole in their “science” of gene-function. In fact, according to Heinemann, “Many biotech companies already conduct detailed genetic studies of their products that profile the expression of proteins … Continue reading

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EU Moves To Control All Plants

Once you think you have seen/heard it all, the statist-collectivists out do themselves. They have now replaced God (in their own warped minds at least). — jtl, 419 by Bob Livingston via Personal Liberty Digest PHOTOS.COM The European Union is considering a … Continue reading

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