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Federal court issues mixed decision on jaguar critical habitat challenge

In 2014, the federal government designated thousands of acres in New Mexico as “critical habitat” for the jaguar. The designation is absurd, because jaguars prefer the wet, tropical climates of Central and South America forests, to the dry, arid wilderness … Continue reading

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Home on the desert suits these cattle fine

Drought has hurt traditional New Mexico cattle ranches, which typically raise British breeds like Angus and Hereford. I love these little critters. Sometimes I think they may be part goat. Placed on the roughest of rough desert country, a criollo … Continue reading

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The Good Lord Giveth, The Federalies Taketh Away

By Rob Nikolewski  via Watchdog.org and American Lands Council “It was barely noticed on Capitol Hill, but the budget deal that just passed both houses of Congress changes the split between the federal government and states when it comes to royalties in oil and gas … Continue reading

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Horse Slaughter, Horse Welfare A Victim of Legal Maneuvering

by Burt  Rutherford  in BEEF Editors’ Blog A surprise ruling by a New Mexico judge means horse slaughter can resume in the U.S. But animal rights activists will continue to inflict harm on horses with their legal meddling. In a move … Continue reading

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The Center for Biological Diversity is at it Again.

Here we go again. I thought some of you might want to add your two cents. Log on and give ’em “what for.” — jtl, 419 For Immediate Release, October 2, 2013 Contact: Michael Robinson, (575) 313-7017 Wolf Supporters  to Hold … Continue reading

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Action on grazing possible

by Mike Bush / Mountain View Telegraph Recent actions and a flurry of communications among those involved in the dispute over grazing leases in the Cibola National Forest could be a signal that some kind of agreement or compromise is … Continue reading

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A bad death indulges irrational emotions

Feral horses forage for food on dwindling ground cover near Placitas as debate continues on a proposed slaughterhouse. (Dean Hanson/Albuquerque Journal) By Myles C. Culbertson  / Former Executive Director, N.M. Livestock Board   via the Albuquerque Journal The horse slaughter issue … Continue reading

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The fate of horses at risk

Bill Richardson…and …Robert Redford joined animal rights groups in a lawsuit to block the revival of horse slaughter in the United States, proclaiming they were “standing with Native American leaders,” to whom horse slaughter “constitutes a violation of tribal cultural … Continue reading

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Meat-packing is more humane for unwanted horses

by MICHAEL SWICKARD via Rio Rancho Observer Michael Swickard Especially out West, horses have a special place in our lives. Personally, any day I get horse snot on me is a good day. Along with my love of horses comes … Continue reading

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As celebrities protest horse slaughter, one permit blocked

LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL FILE PHOTO Robert Redford speaks during a Sept. 22, 2004, appearance at the Rainbow Library in Las Vegas. Redford and former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson on Monday joined the fight against a return to domestic horse … Continue reading

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