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Big Farming Confronts Organic Farming – and the Results May Be Explosive

 STAFF NEWS & ANALYSIS The Daily Bell New Aerial Photos Suggest Big Organic Farmers May Be Lying to Us … Consumers of organic eggs and milk like knowing that the cows and chickens on organic farms are treated decently. Many … Continue reading

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4 Beef Headlines: HSUS Dupes Donors, Organic Isn’t Sustainable

by Amanda Radke in BEEF Daily Beef is in the news again this week, and I’ve rounded up four headlines that I think ranchers should know about. The topics range from a discussion on sustainability, to ways the Humane Society … Continue reading

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Crony Environmentalism

        Corruption, cronyism, and socialistic central planning of agricultural markets, hidden by the rhetoric of “green farming,” is what Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley calls “smart growth” policy.  Crony environmentalism would be more descriptive.  So-called smart growth is … Continue reading

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Feds Move to Make ‘Climate Change’ Solutions Part of Organic Food Production

You “organic et al” guys are going to love this one. (Tongue in cheek.) — jtl By Staff News & Analysis from the Daily Bell U.S.D.A. to Start Program to Support Local and Organic Farming … The organic food business … Continue reading

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