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Climate statism: Science, poverty, free speech at Issue

 The Population Bomb author Paul Ehrlich: “Giving society cheap energy is like giving an idiot child a machine gun.” The “instant death control” provided by DDT was “responsible for the drastic lowering of death rates” in underdeveloped countries – and … Continue reading

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CLICHÉS OF PROGRESSIVISM #47 – “The Solution to Overpopulation Is Population Control”

One wonders why anyone listens to doomsayers who have been consistently wrong in their predictions — not a little off, but way off. I sure learned my lesson well. I bought Paul Ehrlich’s bullshit hook, line and sinker. I was thoroughly … Continue reading

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Rate of environmental degradation puts life on Earth at risk, say scientists

This was posted on LinkedIn by the Savory Institute. I offer it as an example of the type of unsupportable, leftist-Marxist, One World Agenda 21 propaganda horseshit posing as “science” that has caused me to distance myself from the Savory … Continue reading

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