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Gorsuch Joins Sotomayor’s Majority Opinion in Native American Hunting Case

There is not “any evidence in the treaty itself that Congress intended the hunting right to expire at statehood, or that the Crow Tribe would have understood it to do so,” Question: Whose idea was it that the wildlife (game) be … Continue reading

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Don’t Shoot The Dogs: The Growing Epidemic Of Cops Shooting Family Dogs

Consider that if you kill a police dog, you could face a longer prison sentence than if you’d murdered someone or abused a child. If a cop kills your dog, however, there will be little to no consequences for that … Continue reading

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What good are police?

Nor are police required to act. The U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that police don’t have a constitutional duty to protect a person from harm. Call for a cop, an ambulance and a pizza and see which one arrives … Continue reading

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A dead Finicum and a living FBI scapegoat

 The last stop was the kill zone if the other zones failed. No FBI agent or law enforcement just opens fire on people. There are ear wigs, and coordination. For this FBI sniper to have opened up on this vehicle, … Continue reading

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A Warning To The Feds On Incremental Prosecutions Of The Liberty Movement

 In fact, corrupt governments issue warrants of arrest for a handful of dissenters and initiate imprisonment in a very public manner in the beginning with the express purpose of making examples and inspiring self censorship in the masses so that … Continue reading

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Do Bundy Ranch Standoff Indictments Mean More Arrests are Imminent?

 This action is leading to justifiable speculation and worries that others who assisted in security operations and who were at Bunkerville to show solidarity with the cause of resolving western land disputes may now find themselves rounded up. Would that … Continue reading

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Why Westerners die at the hands of cops

Jack Yantis, an Idaho rancher, raised the profile of rural police brutality…The Idaho State Police has (sic) refused to release any video of Yantis’ death despite a request from the Idaho Freedom Foundation… This really doesn’t answer the “why” question … Continue reading

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What If Jesus Had Been Born 2,000 Years Later in the American Police State?

Joseph and Mary had to go to Bethlehem to file their Form 1040.  By John W. Whitehead “Two thousand years later … the memory of the revolutionary zealot who walked across Galilee gathering an army of disciples with the goal … Continue reading

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Police State or Banana Republic? How about both?

by Dr Jimmy T (Gunny) LaBaume I just returned from a business trip to Mexico which was also very pleasurable. When entering the country, the Mexican “authorities” were courteous and helpful (as much as possible for government bureaucrats). We had … Continue reading

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That same day, one of the Border Patrol supervisors, Rush Carter, informed me that the Border Patrol considers my wife and I as the enemy. This statement has been documented in various certified letters to our elected officials …and has never … Continue reading

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