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Yes, PC is Real. Yes, it is Illiberal

The timing of the article is unfortunate, coming on the heels of yet another round of social media de-platforming. Facebook recently removed several libertarian pages without warning, apparently over concerns they might promote Wrongthink on the eve of mid-term elections. In case you … Continue reading

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In the news: former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin vs. PETA

PETA’s pettiness and hypocrisy shouldn’t surprise anyone–on this blog at least. — jtl, 419 by Amanda Radke in BEEF Daily The backlash against Sarah Palin’s photo of her six-year-old son standing on the family Labrador dog has sparked an interesting … Continue reading

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With No Political Correctness, I Wish You A Merry Christmas

My Christmas prayer: Dear God, may the politically correct rot in hell. — jtl by Troy Marshall in My View From The Country I hope during the coming gift-giving season that we take time to reflect on the greatest gift … Continue reading

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