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North Dakota judge clarifies 13-state WOTUS ruling

Judge says ruling in 13-state Waters of the U.S. case applies only to those states, not nationwide Far from the perfect solution but better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. — jtl, 419 via Beef Producer … Continue reading

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Profitable Ranching Necessitates Both Mental And Physical Work

If you attempt to do planned grazing, creating a strategic plan is the most important step. With a strategic plan, you can even get by with approaching the remainder of the program half-heartedly and still achieve some degree of success. Without … Continue reading

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Are You A Cowboy, A Stockman Or A Grass Farmer?

by Burke Teichert in Strategic Planning For The Ranch I simply aspire to be a good, complete rancher. And if I don’t have some of the necessary skills, I will work to find someone for my team who can compensate for that. I’ve … Continue reading

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Simple Steps To Up Your Cow Herd’s Profitability

by W. Mark Hilton in Vet’s Opinion via Beef Magazine Here are some other routine procedures that take very little extra time, and can help you develop a healthier, more productive and profitable cow herd. Each fall, cattle veterinarians from North America and beyond … Continue reading

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No Money For SD Ranchers?

This illustrates one (of many) reason why America will never be free again. Everybody wants everyone else’s ox gored but wants his left alone. That is why we call “elections” advanced auctions of the stolen merchandise. — jtl by Amanda Radke in BEEF … Continue reading

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The Transfer of Public Lands Act is Clearly Constitutional! -Part 2

Ken Ivory, President, American Lands Council Some ignorantly assert that it would be illegal or unconstitutional for western states to compel the federal government to transfer title of the public lands to the states even though it’s already been done before – … Continue reading

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Plains Drought Expected To Persist This Summer

via Beef Producer Magazine According to seasonal drought outlooks, Plains unlikely to be spared from persistent drought Though drought conditions have been easing along the Mississippi and even more than disappeared through parts of the Corn Belt, the Plains continues … Continue reading

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