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1/3 of Idaho lawmakers ask AG Sessions to back off Bundy case

“Further exploitation of these citizens would be an affront to justice and notice to the public of prosecutorial harassment.” The current political climate, characterized by distrust of federal authorities, 80 percent of Americans distrust the federal government. That’s up from … Continue reading

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BLM misconduct probe may derail Bundy Ranch standoff trial

By Jenny Kane and Robert Anglen in azcentral via THE WESTERNER An investigation accusing a federal agent of misconduct and ethics violations could derail one of the most high-profile land-use trials in modern Western history. Jury selection is scheduled to start in … Continue reading

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Changes coming to West as wildlife refuge occupiers await trial

 “The election of Donald Trump does throw a huge wrench into the works,” Notre Dame law professor Bruce Huber said. “To the extent that Trump prevailed among rural voters, it’s entirely possible that we see policy more sympathetic to the … Continue reading

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Prosecutors confirm FBI agents posed as film crew in Bunkerville standoff investigation

Defense lawyer Chris Rasmussen…said the undercover operation circumvented the Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination for some of the defendants, along with their Sixth Amendment right to a fair trial… “It puts a chill in the air for people who want … Continue reading

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