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Gorsuch Joins Sotomayor’s Majority Opinion in Native American Hunting Case

There is not “any evidence in the treaty itself that Congress intended the hunting right to expire at statehood, or that the Crow Tribe would have understood it to do so,” Question: Whose idea was it that the wildlife (game) be … Continue reading

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Give Susette Kelo Her Land Back

Here’s the rub. Thirteen years after the Kelo decision, after all the condemning and evicting and bulldozing, nothing has been built on the land that was taken. Basically, an entire neighborhood was erased in vain. Meantime, all those vacant lots … Continue reading

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Should nature have standing to sue?

Douglas recommended accepting nature’s rights — allowing nature’s own voice to be heard in the courtroom… The radical environmentalist movement has, apparently, reached a whole new level of politically correct idiocy –evidence that radical environmentalism (and its ugly sister, atheism) … Continue reading

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Texas court finds agency can’t deny pecan farmers’ water rights without compensation

by Jennifer Thompson via the Pacific Legal Foundation Blog Last October, we related the story of Glenn and JoLynn Bragg, pecan farmers in Medina County, Texas, who suffered from a state agency’s taking of their water rights.  PLF filed an amicus … Continue reading

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