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Sustainability of the firm

What went wrong? To many business people and to the general public, sustainability is the buzzword for thrift, resourcefulness, and long-term planning. Aren’t such qualities good for businesses and within families? But sustainability has grown into an ideology marked by … Continue reading

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The hidden agendas of sustainability illusions

It is We the Governed – especially working class and poor citizens – who pay the price, with the world’s poorest families paying the highest price. We can only hope the Trump Administration and Congress will dismantle and defund sustainable … Continue reading

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New Film Exposes Communist Roots of “Sustainability” Agenda

 “Human freedom is the problem and the only solution is to limit and control freedom,” explains the film’s narrator, radio host and former meteorologist Brian Sussman. “Through careful marketing techniques and propaganda designed for mass consumption the trusting public has … Continue reading

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Many Americans are not aware of the political agenda behind Education for Sustainability programs, nor this movement’s plan to change the ‘cultural, religious, social, economic and political structure’ of our nation. You are not among this majority if you subscribe … Continue reading

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Can ranching be sustainable without profits? Burke Teichert says no

 In some people’s minds, profit is a dirty word. And sustainability is nirvana. But ranches can’t be sustainable without being profitable. Well duh! But it is true that “profit” is a dirty word amongst our our enemies in the culture … Continue reading

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Why ”Sustainable” Earth, But Not Sustainable Human Health and Freedom?

Why is the control system so eager to push for “sustainable” earth but nothing else apparently needs to be sustainable? Easy question. They don’t care. They worship the earth. To them, people are the scourge of the earth and something … Continue reading

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New video debunks the myth about water usage in beef production

I can’t believe that the mouth breathers that start nonsense like this think we are totally stupid. Water is not “used” in the sense of being created or destroyed. There is a fixed amount of water in the hydrologic cycle. … Continue reading

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Sustainability is in sight

“Yes, there has been a conspiracy. However I do not believe that it was an overt conspiracy of men. Instead, it was a conspiracy of ideas. Our Enemy the State is waging war on all fronts—not always perfectly choreographed or … Continue reading

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Agriculture can’t allow outsiders to define sustainability

I’m afraid it is too late. Outsiders have already defined sustainability for us. Its current usage birth mother and place was  Agenda 21 at the Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro in June 1992. Since that time, the word is taken to … Continue reading

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4 Beef Headlines: HSUS Dupes Donors, Organic Isn’t Sustainable

by Amanda Radke in BEEF Daily Beef is in the news again this week, and I’ve rounded up four headlines that I think ranchers should know about. The topics range from a discussion on sustainability, to ways the Humane Society … Continue reading

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