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Elections count, will Zinke survive and Trump on fire

You can see what we are in for. Investigations and more wilderness, national monuments and other restrictive land use designations, all of which cause harm to federal lands ranchers. It is never ending. — jtl, 419 6-8 minutes Elections count, … Continue reading

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Turning a Dangerous Arroyo Into a Flood Irrigation Resource in the Deserts of Far-West Texas

OK, so now I want you guys to go out and tell your “back to the earth hippy” friends all about how we abuse our livestock and destroy our land in the process. That was sarcasm, in case you didn’t … Continue reading

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Amazon positioned to disrupt retail food sector

Amazon’s pending purchase of Whole Foods promises to put a whole new spin on how urban consumers shop for food. Competition is the main reason capitalism works while socialists starve. — jtl, 419 by Wes Ishmael  via Beef Magazine Amazon’s … Continue reading

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5 management steps to boost calf performance & profit

 For what it is worth, which ain’t much. I have long since forgot exactly what it was about but I once asked Stan Parsons a question having to do with technology. Something like this: Say that I have a little … Continue reading

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What Price Does The World Pay For Shunning Technology?

In economics, the role of technology it to shift the Total Physical Product (TPP) curve (which is shaped by the Law of Diminishing Returns) upward. This means more product from the fixed input as units of variable input are added. Ultimately, … Continue reading

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Ranching In A World Of Technology

via The American Cattlman   Herd management – those two words are huge for cattle producers as they work to keep their business profitable. More than ever before, herd management has entered the field of technology with software programs designed … Continue reading

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