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Mr. President, Tear up this treaty

It is equally obvious that virtually all developing nations signed the Paris treaty solely to share in hundreds of billions of dollars in expected (and demanded) “climate change adaptation, mitigation and reparation” money – and because they are not obligated … Continue reading

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At a UN conference in Bonn, Germany a representative of the island state of Tonga approached CFACT’s delegation.  “You are Americans,” he said, “when are you going to send us the money?” As we have been saying since Day 1, … Continue reading

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UN Habitat III’s “new urban agenda” coming to you

 Meanwhile back at the ranch… — jtl, 419 by Bonner Cohen, Ph. D. via CFACT With an enthusiastic call for “sustainable urban development,” the United Nations has adopted a far-reaching document intended as a blueprint for the future of cities … Continue reading

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I want to remind the readers, the main reason for the creation of the United Nations was the New World Order. In addition, since its founding in 1945, America has dumped billions into the United Nations and those poor countries … Continue reading

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From 1750 AD? UN Calculates 300-year “Climate Debt” for United States

Which is, simply, the UN’s way of channeling Karl Marx’s famous dictum, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs,” into global policy for effecting the confiscation and transfer of gigantic portions of the planet’s wealth. … Continue reading

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Sustainability is in sight

“Yes, there has been a conspiracy. However I do not believe that it was an overt conspiracy of men. Instead, it was a conspiracy of ideas. Our Enemy the State is waging war on all fronts—not always perfectly choreographed or … Continue reading

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The World’s Climate Change Mafia Meet in Peru

by Alan Caruba via American Daily Herald The latest conference on climate change in Peru is just another attempt to impose a global tax and empower the United Nations. To understand all the talk of “climate change” you must understand … Continue reading

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How can this be, you ask? How can private organizations control policy and share equal power to elected officials? Here’s how it works. And you will be appalled–or maybe you won’t if you have been hanging around here for a … Continue reading

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The Global Warming Movement Has Run Out of Gas

Why is this evidence of a lost cause? Because nothing is ever done politically to solve major long-term problems. Politicians take action only when the public demands it, and therefore their re-election is at risk. By the time the public … Continue reading

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Obama EPA Hands Control Over Wyoming City to Indian Tribes

The scheme appears to illustrate a growing United Nations-linked trend being witnessed across the United States and the world. In essence, vast amounts of private land and even entire towns are being taken over by authorities under various pretexts — … Continue reading

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