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Under the microscope: ESA peer reviews

   If it’s possible that USFWS may have a bias toward listing species and designating inappropriately large habitat areas, this report shows how the agency may be short-changing the peer review process to achieve those goals. Some of the techniques … Continue reading

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From Patrick Bray at the Arizona Cattle Growers This afternoon the USFWS put out this press release. ACGA will begin reviewing the document this evening and give you further information as we get it. What we know so far: They … Continue reading

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Mexican Wolf

Arizona Cattle Growers’ Association November 26, 2013 Mexican Wolf  Proposed Rule Removing the Gray Wolf (Canis lupis) from the List of Endangered Species and Maintaining Protections for the Mexican Wolf (Canis lupis baileyi) by Listing It as Endangered   Docket … Continue reading

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Mexican Wolf

From the: Arizona Cattle Growers’ Association ACGA staff has been monitoring the wolf situation very closely and there have been some very recent developments of which you should be aware: **Please know we have tried our best to confirm all … Continue reading

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