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Weed Management Plans for Horse Pastures

  Another chronic case of self-flagellation. You “control” weeds with horses just like you do with cattle or sheep and goats–high stock density/herd effect. During periods of active growth reduce the time to a level that will not permit a … Continue reading

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To rejuvenate a pasture focus on legumes and weeds

High-intensity/low-frequency grazing was the most effective system for the grasses to remain competitive Well Duh… You won’t have any trouble figuring out what is wrong here. – jtl ‘High-intensity/low-frequency grazing produced the most forage and fewer thistles.’ – Dr. Ed … Continue reading

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Fight temptation this spring; your pastures will reward you

 I offer this as a prime example of the totally wrong-headed conventional approach to range and pasture management—a checklist for what NOT to do, if you will. — jtl From Dow AgroSciences via Beef If you decide your situation warrants … Continue reading

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4 Tips For Eliminating Weeds This Fall

Articles like this simultaneously amuse and infuriate me. It is so simple (if you understand planned grazing). Increase stock density to 1,ooo lbs/acre and leave them in the paddock long enough (and at the appropriate time of year) to take … Continue reading

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