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Megawatt Windmills

Educate yourself before you go killing millions of threatened birds and bats and chewing up hundreds of thousands of acres of open land with your hare-brained #greenenergy scheme. Any and all things, from megawatt windmills to soybeans, that must be … Continue reading

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NM reps seek stricter natural gas regulations

Back in the mid 1980s, when I was on the faculty at New Mexico State, my office was in a suite shared with Dr. Lowell Catlett (and three others). Lowell and I were most often the first in the office … Continue reading

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Carbon tax economists profoundly ignorant and/or cynical

Sometimes smart people can be astonishingly ignorant, or just being self-serving and political. Reminds me of Dr. John Gilliam, one of my mentors when I was a PhD candidate at Texas Tech University. I recall one day when we were … Continue reading

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Are ranchers spitting into the wind on wind energy issues?

The unique culture, diversity and quality of the West demands no less. American agriculture (farmers and, to a much lesser extent, ranchers) is the world’s largest welfare recipient. As such, they are also notoriously two faced. They boast of being … Continue reading

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Consumers will pay big for Obama’s energy plan

That means at least three times more subsidies than we currently blow on windmills and burn with sunbeams . . . and that’s a lot. Do you know how to tell when a product or service is not needed or … Continue reading

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