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Apache County Residents Warned Of Aggressive Wolves

“Once again, this is an example of a mismanaged federal program, with our only support coming from AZ entities. After speaking with many stakeholders, and constituents it’s apparent our only relief will come from our recent work with attorneys and … Continue reading

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Ranchers move herd after wolves kill cow

She’s angry at the state’s 2016 Conservation Plan for Gray Wolves that prevents the Roneys from killing the endangered species to protect their livestock. “My feelings, my thoughts, my business, my checkbook,” Roney said. “Everything that I do is just collateral damage.” by … Continue reading

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New Mexico Dems call federal government’s wolf recovery plan ‘flawed, politically driven’

Demopublicans, Republicrats, Wolves, all the same difference. Not a dime’s worth. — jtl, 419 By Rebecca Moss | The Santa Fe New Mexican   Several Democratic lawmakers in New Mexico say the federal government’s proposed approach to managing the recovery … Continue reading

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Guest Editorial: Solution to Mexican wolf issue is a new appellate court

Arizona is located in the notoriously large and unwieldy U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Along with its crushing case backlog, the San Francisco-based court has a reputation for decisions that are decidedly outside of the legal mainstream, … Continue reading

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Utah official: BLM ‘impotent’ to deal with wild horse problem

Across the West, the number of wild horses and burros that have been adopted over the past three years has remained stagnant, putting pressure on the agency to find places for these animals to go. The agency keeps nearly 47,000 … Continue reading

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Wolf stalks woman walking dog

  By Betsy Trumpener, CBC News This ought to warm the hearts of the average run of the mill human hating radical environmentalist. — jtl, 419 Bonnie Rudderham said this wolf stalked and chased her while she was walking her dog … Continue reading

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State kills 4 Oregon wolves following attacks

 by  Zach Urness via Statesman Journal OR-4 was killed by state officials following a number of attacks on livestock.(Photo: Photo courtesy of Oregon Wild) Four wolves were shot and killed by wildlife officials Thursday afternoon in northeast Oregon, bringing to … Continue reading

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Range riders track wolves in eastern Washington

Wolf-livestock conflicts have increased, and ranchers and environmentalists are gathering data to mitigate the clashes. So how do you think that is going to come out for the ranchers? Sigh… — jtl, 419 Lena Jackson Video Dec. 7, 2015 Web … Continue reading

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Wolves of the West

By Debbie Furber The Canadian Cattlemen Are they as big a threat as they appear to be? Photo: Thinkstock   Reports of cattle losses to wolves continue to come in from across the West. Official estimates indicate wolf populations are … Continue reading

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Can studying morality help Yellowstone’s wolves and bison?

Sociologist Justin Farrell plumbs the spiritual depths of environmental struggle. I offer this, if not as conclusive proof, certainly as hard evidence, that radical environmentalism (coupled with atheism) is the New State Religion. — jtl, 419 Ben Goldfarb Interview Oct. … Continue reading

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