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Federal judge dismisses challenge to Wyoming trespassing law

  Well, at least they throw us a bone every now and then. Actually, I take this as an indicator of the advantage of dealing with the state vs the feds. Had this been in federal court, the outcome would … Continue reading

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The counties that actively oppose a federal lands transfer

Commissioners fear states could reduce county power and remove public access. My hope would be that they turn the lands over to their rightful owners–the families who have lived on, worked and taken care of these lands for 4 or … Continue reading

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Killing wolves could hurt, not help, livestock, study finds

If you believe this study, even for a minute, you need to read Michael Coffman’s article, Secret Science, in the Winter 2014 edition of Range Magazine. Coffman reveals the gory details of corruption, manufactured data, junk (un-replaceable) science, embezzlement, and … Continue reading

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Sorry Jack

by Dave Pratt via Ranching for Profit Blog Several years ago my son, Jack, spent a couple of summers working for one of our alumni in Wyoming. It just about killed me when he said, “Dad, I love putting up … Continue reading

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Boots On The Ground

Many years ago Alan Savoy (could have been Stan Parsons, can’t remember which) told me (not these exact words but paraphrasing): You have been improperly taught to look “at” the range. But, you need to get your lazy ass out … Continue reading

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The Myth of Light, Moderate and Heavy Grazing

I hesitated to re-blog this because I was afraid of misleading some people. But, I decided publish it as an example of what is wrong with conventional range management (the so-called “science” that has destroyed more good rangelands than all … Continue reading

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