Turn-Key Management for Absentee Owners


Our specialty is managing the working livestock ranch for absentee owners simply because there are so many very good reasons for owning such a property. In addition to the benefit of income from the livestock operation, these include:

• Tax Shelter (Income and Estate)

• Inflation hedge

• Capital gains potential

• Recreation

• Wildlife

• Life style and maintenance of the rural, western heritage

• Conservation and environmental concerns (no government bureaucrat can, or will, husband the land as well as its owner)

• Aesthetics and scenic beauty

• Prestige in the community

• As many others as there are individual and potential owners

In today’s world of high energy costs, livestock are the only tool for range improvement that is economically feasible. Many absentee owners do not have the inclination or the time to manage livestock in a way that will improve the value (both monetary and aesthetic) of their property.

Furthermore, in today’s environment, ranch owners (especially absentee owners) need more than just a care taker to “keep an eye on the place.” They need someone who can manage the property and carefully analyze each business decision and its effect on profitability and rangeland improvement.

We offer a complete spectrum of services and the promise of prompt, personalized and professional service. We apply our approach to management which will insure that your investment continues to grow.

Get professional management and get paid for it.

Through our land leasing program, you can actually get paid for improving and increasing the value of your investment.

We will pay you a reasonable lease rate to implement our program on your land. Go to the Land Leasing link and check it out.

The short of it is, as an absentee owner, you can enjoy your ranch without having to worry about it.

Give us a call or send and email and let us work with you to meet your goals.

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